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Client Assistance Card (CAC) Program CardWiz User-id Support

Yvonne Gapa
posted this on March 29, 2013, 13:21

CardWiz users can call the Fidelity Technical Support number below for revoked user-ids and password resets.  The Secure Access Administrator(s) at the regional chapter needs to contact the (ARC) Unisys IT Service Help Desk to manage (…add, modify, delete) CardWiz users access for the region and their community chapters.

      Managing Chapter Client Assistance Card (CAC) Program CardWiz User-ids  Support (…initiated by Secure Access Administrator(s) at Regional Chapter)

Contact:  Unisys IT Service Help Desk at (888) 778-7762 or (866) 902-7535 or email:

Hours:  24/7 - after hours, weekends & holidays support




      Client Assistance (CAC) and Disaster Staff (DSC) Card Program CardWiz User Ids (Password Resets & Revoked User-ids)

Contact:  Fidelity Technical Support at (866) 305-6252

Business Hours:  24 Hours/7 Days a Week

Email Inquiries:  N/A